Brandon Senior BASH Script Architect Duct-tape and chewing gum

Vultr and optimizing nginx

Just for ease of administration and allowing for more uptime I’ve moved the server the site is on from a server in my house to one hosted on a Vultr cloud server. Since everything is static and there are no other applications needed a small 1 core, 512mb VPS should suffice. I’ve taken this time to clean up my nginx config files and apply some optimizations that were long overdue. I’ve attached snippets of the configuration files in case anyone else would find them useful.

Jekyll and Jenkins

Currently this website is deployed via Jenkins – this is achieved by building the site using Jekyll, committing and pushing the changes to a remote Git repository and having Jenkins check for changes, pull them down and then push them to the remote server using SCP. So far it seems to work well, the config.xml for the job is below as well as a picture of the successful builds.